DJ Tira’s family attacked by witches

DJ Tira’s family attacked by witches

South African DJ Tira and his family recently found themselves under attack by a group of individuals believed to be practicing witchcraft

South African DJ Tira and his family recently found themselves under attack by a group of sinister individuals believed to be practicing witchcraft. This shocking incident serves as a chilling reminder of the existence of dark forces that can threaten the safety and well-being of ordinary people.

The attack on DJ Tira and his family is a stark example of the dangers that can arise from superstitions and beliefs in witchcraft. While witchcraft may be dismissed by some as mere folklore or fiction, many communities around the world still hold strong beliefs in its power. These beliefs can sometimes lead to acts of violence or harm, as witnessed in this distressing incident.

It is important to note that witchcraft-related attacks are not limited to South Africa. In various parts of the world, particularly in Africa, witchcraft accusations and subsequent violence have been reported. The reasons behind such attacks can vary, ranging from personal disputes and jealousy to societal prejudices and fear.

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Efforts to combat witchcraft-related violence and persecution have been made by both local communities and international organizations. These efforts aim to raise awareness, promote education, and encourage tolerance and acceptance. However, eradicating deeply ingrained beliefs and superstitions is a complex and ongoing process.

Statistics on witchcraft-related violence are difficult to obtain due to underreporting and cultural sensitivities. Nevertheless, it is estimated that thousands of individuals, mostly women and children, fall victim to witchcraft accusations each year. These accusations can result in various forms of abuse, including physical assault, forced exile, or even murder.

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The DJ is an OG in the industry and he is highly respected in the game.  The music star has been all about music and business, however, he made a shocking revelation with his sister Thabile on social media. Screenshots that showed the alleged witch chatting with a third person were revealed.

DJ Tira

Tira reacted with “8 years of ukuthakathaka”, while his sister feared for her life.

It has come to my attention that I can no longer afford to keep quiet about something that has bothered me and my family and friends for the longest time. A close family friend has been practising distinctive forms of witchcraft and magical powers to destroy everyone.”

Thabile wrote.

DJ Tira

“Tonight at 6pm I will be making a disclosure in the public interest.” she continued. These primitive forms of witchcraft have killed so many people and more are assigned to be taken out. The implications of these suppositions are many.”

she said.

DJ Tira

Followers were also consumed with fear and a few others sent words of encouragement to the family. Meanwhile, DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi talked about the hideous incident with a video of her water baptism.


“Thank you for protecting us from all serpents, scorpions and snakes and all satanic spirits in forms of humans constantly attacking us wolfs in sheep skin this year (Jan 2024) I declare I am and have been your faithful servant that the devil can forget about Me and My Family whatever ties or stronghold he things he has on us in Jesus Mighty Name the Nazareen All witches/wizards and demons have been exposed I thank you Lord  I proclaim the Blood of Jesus and nothing else in case the devil is confused,”

Gugu wrote.

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In order to address this issue effectively, it is crucial to tackle the root causes of witchcraft accusations. Poverty, lack of education, and social inequality often play a significant role in perpetuating these beliefs. By addressing these underlying issues, communities can work towards creating an environment of understanding, empathy, and respect.


The attack on DJ Tira and his family serves as a powerful reminder that witchcraft-related violence is not confined to the realms of fiction or fairy tales. It is a distressing reality that continues to affect the lives of many individuals and communities. Only through concerted efforts to challenge and change these harmful beliefs can we hope to create a safer and more tolerant world for all.

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In other news – Cindy Makhathini opens up about suicide

Cindy Makhathini, the well-known Instagram influencer, nightclub host, and socialite, has once again found herself in the midst of controversy. She has often been the center of attention, but not always for the right reasons. However, this time, Cindy is opening up about a serious and sensitive topic: suicide.

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In her candid interview, Cindy shares her personal experiences and sheds light on the struggles she has faced. By speaking openly about this difficult subject, she hopes to create awareness and break the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Cindy’s bravery in addressing such a sensitive topic is commendable, as it takes courage to discuss something that is often considered taboo.

Suicide is a global issue that affects millions of people from all walks of life. It is not limited to any specific demographic, age group, or social status. By sharing her story, Cindy aims to reach out to those who may be silently suffering and let them know that they are not alone. She wants to emphasize the importance of seeking help and support when it is needed most.

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According to recent statistics, suicide rates have been steadily rising in many countries around the world. It is a complex issue influenced by various factors, including mental health disorders, social isolation, and societal pressures.

The controversial Instagram baddie, club host, and socialite Cindy Makhathini is no stranger to making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Cindy Makhathini

Cindy gained popularity in 2018 when she was accused of having an affair with former minister Malusi Gigaba, and recently, she found herself in the spotlight once again when her private photos were leaked on social media.

By raising awareness and encouraging open conversations, individuals like Cindy play a crucial role in preventing suicide and promoting mental well-being.

Cindy’s journey towards self-acceptance and healing serves as an inspiration to many. She reminds us that it is okay to ask for help and that there is strength in vulnerability. Her willingness to share her own struggles may encourage others to seek assistance and find the support they need.

In conclusion, Cindy Makhathini’s decision to open up about suicide is a brave and important step towards breaking the silence surrounding mental health. By sharing her personal experiences and raising awareness, she hopes to make a positive impact and help others who may be going through similar challenges. It is essential that we continue to have open conversations about mental health and support those who are struggling.

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