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Get to know Zinzile Ngema’ from the popular TV Show #eTvScandal!

Gcina Nkosi is a South African actress. She is best known for her role Zinzile Ngema’ in the popular television soap opera Scandal!

South African actress Gcina Nkosi is no stranger to the small screen. She is best known to audiences for her portrayal of the strong-minded Zinzile Ngema’ on the popular television soap opera Scandal!

Nkosi made her professional acting debut on Mzansi Magic’s Rockville in 2013. After numerous guest-starring roles on local dramas, she was cast as Zinzile Ngema’ on the hit show Scandal! in 2016. The role soon gained her national recognition, since blind Zinzile Ngema’ had become an iconic character and a fan favorite. In 2020, Gcina was nominated for her role in the 53rd Annual SoapIEs for best acting performance in a supporting role.

When asked about playing the part, Nkosi expresses her joy and delight in being able to play such a passionate character. She talks warmly of the challenges of inhabiting the character of Zinzile: “It took me out of my own reality and gave me an opportunity to find another person inside me, and it reminded me of how strong women can be even when faced with adversity. I think it was a great way to make an impact and help shape the narrative, not just around disability, but around creating stronger and better versions of ourselves as people.”

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Gcina Nkosi Biography

Profile Summary

Name: Gcina Nkosi

Age: To be updated

Birth Place: KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

Husband: Single

Profession: Actress

Education and Qualifications: Drama Studies

Net Worth: $60 000

How does Gcina Nkosi’s career start?

It all begins when she enrols at the Durban University of Technology for a drama course. Due to financial constraints, she drops out to join the theatre. She bags her first play at the Play House in Durban, and the rest is history. “I am very passionate about theatre and acting and never let my circumstances stand in my way of living my dream,” says Gcina.

Gcina Nkosi Biography: Age, Husband, Children, TV Roles, Net Worth, Scandal!
Gcina Nkosi: Image source @Instgram

Which TV Shows has Gcina Nkosi featured in?

Apart from theatre, the actress has graced our small screens playing Zinzile on Scandal! since 2009. “My character is that of a respectful wife, and her husband’s word is final. Things have evolved a bit since the inception of the character; she is now able to put her foot down if she does not agree with something.”

Gcina Nkosi
Gcina Nkosi: Image source @Instgram

Does Gcina Nkosi have a husband?

Despite the actress executing her wife and motherly role flawlessly, she is neither married nor has children of her own. “I haven’t been blessed with children, and I’m the only one among my siblings who don’t have children. It’s not that I’m sick or anything. It just hasn’t happened yet,” she shares.

Gcina Nkosi
Gcina Nkosi: Image source @Instgram

What is Gcina Nkosi’s net worth?

From her theatre plays and her role on Scandal!, the actress is worth $60 000, and she continues to serve as inspiration

Nkosi also speaks greatly about her awe for the support and welcome she has experienced from Scandal! fans as she has grown in her part and from the public as her work has grown in recognition. She notes in particular the reception she has been given by the blind community, calling it “incredible.”

It’s clear that Gcina Nkosi is proud of her work as Zinzile Ngema’ on Scandal! and she should be. Through her exemplary performance, she has managed to bring a voice to an underserved community and to touch the hearts of fans all over the world. By embodying the character of Zinzile Ngema’, Gcina has created a lasting legacy on television.

It’s clear from this profile of Zinzile from Scandal that she is a driven and determined individual who is passionate about achieving her goals. Her commitment to her craft and desire to be successful make her an inspiring character.

Whether it’s in her business dealings or her relationships, Zinzile never fails to make a strong impression and show true dedication and enthusiasm.

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