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Good Morning Sandile Mfusi AKA Kwanda from Uzalo | Get to know him

Sandile Mfusi, also known as “Kwanda” from Uzalo has become quite the household name in South Africa. Born and raised in Johannesburg

Sandile Mfusi, also known as “Kwanda” from Uzalo has become quite the household name in South Africa. Johannesburg, Mfusi attended AFDA – a film, television and performance school and soon after enrolled into the competitive field of acting.

Mfusi made his big show debut in 2013 when he starred alongside international supermodel, Naomi Campbell, in the gritty miniseries, Steel River. A few years later he secured roles in multiple television series, Entabeni and Single Guys before landing the much talked about role as “Kwanda”, the hustling college student and club promoter in Uzalo.

Kwanda is known as the show’s troublemaker, some of his mischievous antics include using the church money to throw a party and constantly connecting with and scheming with the wrong people. His conniving ways however, have won him favor amongst the show’s following.

Directors and producers have been inspired by Mfusi’s intricate portrayal of the character and are continuously incorporating him and his maverick persona into the show’s theme.

While it may seem that Mfusi is all about drama and amusing behavior, he also has an alluring musical side, having composed and produced an R&B album titled “Fragrance” in 2017.

sandile-mfusi uzalo

Sandile “Masandi” Mfusi is a Durban-born hip-hop singer, actor, and entrepreneur. He has taken South African hip-hop global by signing to an international record label. Apart from music, he is a successful entrepreneur and businessperson. Although he is best known for playing Kwanda on Uzalo, Sandile is a millionaire in reality. As a wealthy businessman, he owns various gas retaining depots around KwaZulu-Natal.

Early Life Sandile Mfusi was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, and grew up in uMlazi. The businessman did not disclose his age in an interview. Growing up, he always wanted to do business and make millions. Today, his childhood ambition is a reality. Education Sandile studied Business Administration in a recognized institution. Career Sandile is no newbie to television shows. He has featured in telenovelas and drama series.

He is best known for playing Kwanda, a handsome and well-groomed man who loves Nonka in the telenovela Uzalo. Mfusi has also appeared in other telenovelas like The Queen and Isibaya. In Uzalo, he was a lover boy who mistakenly made Nonka’s friend Hleziphi think he liked her. Apart from acting, he is a talented singer with the stage name Masandi in the music industry. He gained prominence after joining the hip-hop outfit Niche Fam. In 2013, he quit the group to establish a solo career to enter the international scene. Masandi has collaborated with many local and international music stars.

Sandile has worked with American artists like Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, and Rick Ross. He has also worked with African artists like Aewon Wolf, Gemini Major, and Nigerian artist Captain Blue. Mfusi also does LP gas retailing and has various depots across KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Personal Life According to multiple resources, Sandile Mfusi is currently dating the Uzalo actress Thuthuka Mthembu.

She is mainly known as Nonkanyiso or Nonka on the SABC1 drama series. Record Label Sandile “Masandi” Mfusi landed a global deal with Warner Music Records. With this big deal, he expects to reach a wider audience through his music. Warner Music is an American recording company with a branch in South Africa. Net Worth Sandile Mfusi receives a salary of around R25 000 for playing Kwanda on Uzalo. He has an estimated net worth of R600 000 as of November 2023. The prominent personality earns more income from his gas business than from his craft. Y

Away from the ambience of showbiz, Mfusi is a passionate advocate for the HIV/Aids cause, he works closely with organizations with a likeminded mission and is known to make frequent appearances and donations to charities.

Mfusi is currently working on his second album which he recently hinted at, on his Instagram page, “Fragrance 2”. He is also said to be looking into writing and producing film projects in the near future.

It is clear that Mfusi is well on his way to becoming a celebrated icon in the industry, we can’t wait to see what great heights he reaches next.

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