on #eTvScandal: Phakamile tells Jojo “You always push me away every time Nkazimulo is around”

The latest episode of the popular drama Scandal saw Phakamile (played by Lerato Nxumalo) confront Jojo (played by Melusi Mbele) over their strained relationship.

In the latest episode of #eTvScandal, the character Phakamile is shown to be deeply hurt by Jojo’s actions, which serves to highlight the complicated nature of their relationship. The presence of Nkazimulo only adds to the tension and drama unfolding on the screen.

It is evident that Phakamile’s emotions are raw and intense, These developments in the storyline keep viewers hooked and eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

The portrayal of Phakamile’s pain showcases the depth of emotions that can arise from complex relationships. It is a relatable experience for many viewers, who have likely encountered similar situations in their own lives. This not only adds realism to the show but also provides a platform for discussing and reflecting on the intricacies of human relationships.

Furthermore, the presence of Nkazimulo introduces an additional layer of complexity to the storyline. This character serves as a catalyst, sparking further tension and conflict between Phakamile and Jojo. Nkazimulo’s actions and motivations may not be fully understood at this point, leaving viewers intrigued and eager to uncover the truth behind their involvement in the relationship.

on #eTvScandal: Phakamile tells Jojo “You always push me away every time when Nkazimulo is around”

on #eTvScandal: Phakamile is clearly hurt by Jojo’s actions, further reinforcing the complications of their relationship and the presence of Nkazimulo as a third party in their dynamic. It can be concluded that there is a lot of tension between the three of them, and it will be intriguing to see how they will all come to a resolution in due course.

The latest episode of the popular drama Scandal saw Phakamile (played by Lerato Nxumalo) confront Jojo (played by Melusi Mbele) over their strained relationship.

The dramatic showdown saw Phakhamile lash out at Jojo, accusing her of pushing her away every time Nkazimulo (played by Colin Moss) is around. It’s evident that Phakhamile is insecure in her relationship with Jojo and feels threatened by Nkazimulo’s presence.

Jojo, however, rejected Phakhamile’s accusation and insists that nothing is going on between her and Nkazimulo. She claims she is only friends with him and that there is no romantic attraction between them.

This has been a thorny issue for Phakhamile and Jojo, as Phakhamile has never been happy with Jojo spending so much time with Nkazimulo. In previous episodes, viewers witnessed Phakhamile completely shutting down Jojo whenever Nkazimulo was mentioned or when he was present.

The stand-off between Phakhamile and Jojo created a turning point in the story line as the characters mulled how to take their relationship forward.

The quarrel left viewers wondering which direction the story line will take now and how the characters will handle their differences.

Will Phakhamile accept that she is just Jojo’s friend and nothing more? Or will the growing tensions between her and Jojo strain their relationship even further?

Only time will tell what lies ahead for Jojo and Phakhamile. Be sure to catch the next episode of’s Scandal to find out!

The fact that these events are unfolding on television, highlighting the medium through which viewers are engaging with the storyline. It serves as a reminder that this is not just a fictional narrative but a form of entertainment that captivates audiences through its compelling storytelling and well-developed characters.

Overall, this latest episode of #eTvScandal delivers a gripping narrative that explores the complexities of relationships. The portrayal of Phakamile’s pain, Jojo’s actions, and the presence of Nkazimulo all contribute to the heightened drama and intrigue of the storyline. As viewers, we cannot help but be drawn into the emotional rollercoaster of these characters’ lives, eagerly awaiting the next episode to see how their stories unfold.

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