Everything you need to know about actress and entrepreneur Zola Nombona (full biography)

Zola Nombona, born 10 March 1992, is a South African actress and dancer. She is best known for playing Pamela in Generations: The Legacy, Roxanne in Z’bondiwe and Zoleka in Isono.


The actress recently revealed that she is married to her baby daddy, Thomas Gumede. So, in this article we will summarize everything we know about her life and how she moved from an Eastern Cape girl to Joburg.


Zola Nombona is a bustling South African actress and dancer who is best known for her roles in the soaps Generations: The Legacy, Z’bondiwe, and Isono. Nombona was born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa on 10 March 1992.

Nombona began her involvement in the entertainment industry in 2012 when she appeared in the soap opera “Scandal!”. Since then, she has had several other roles including notable roles in popular soap operas like “Generations: The Legacy”, “Z’bondiwe”, and “Isono”. She has also appeared in various music videos for artist such as Kwesta, Frank Casino, and Rouge SA.

When Nombona is not acting, she spends her time dancing. She has an extensive background in a variety of dance styles including Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. She has participated in multiple dance championships and has won local and international awards for her performances.


Recently, Nombona made headlines when she publicly declared her marriage to her baby daddy, Thomas Gumede. The actress revealed the news in an Instagram post in which she said, “Today I married my best friend. I’m blessed to have you by my side! Love you always and forever.”


Forza Nombona’s journey from the Eastern Cape to Joburg has been an inspirational one. She has worked hard, studied, and perfected her craft to become the successful artist she is today. With her recent marriage and new roles in television, Nombona is sure to continue her path of success in the near future.

Biography of Zola Nombona

Zola Nombona who played Pamela in Generations: The Legacy

Name and surname: Zola Nombona
Date of birth: March 10, 1992 (31 years old)
Birth place: Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Education: Wits University of Johannesburg (Honours in Dramatic Arts)
Height: 1.64 m
Occupation: Actress and dancer
Known for: Roxanne of Z’bondiwe, Pamela from Generations: The Legacy, Shado from Intersexions, and Zoleka from Isono
Net assets: $1.5 million
Nationality: South African

Early life

Zola Nombona was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa on March 10, 1991. So, as of 2023, she is 31 years old. She was raised by both of her parents, Nomfundo Nombona and Mxolisi Nombona. Furthermore, she Nombona has a sister who is also a dancer, Unathu Nombona.

According to his biography, Zola fell in love with acting when he attended an acting concert for a graduation celebration at home. She played Sarafina in the play and from then on she fell in love with acting.


Education by Zola Nombona

Her training as an actress began at Victoria’s Girls High School in Grahamstown. She studied acting at school until she matriculated. However, her acting journey didn’t end there.

After completing his high school education, he actually obtained a tertiary education diploma from Wits University. So, she enrolled in a Dramatic Arts degree at Wits and furthered her education to a Masters.

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Private life

Zola Nombona is married to her dad, Thomas Gumede. The two have a child together and have been together for a couple of years now, according to Times Live.

Son of Thomas Gumede and Zola Nombona
Son of Thomas Gumede and Zola Nombona

Additionally, Zola expressed gratitude for her life and her partner. She says that she really loves Thomas and, although she has had her ups and downs, he has been absolutely fantastic and she is happy.

In her personal life, Zola is not only a mother and actress. She is also an entrepreneur and has collaborated with people of Foschini’s caliber in the business world. Additionally, Nombona says her 30s have really opened her eyes to her true potential.

Career of Zola Nombona

While Nombona hasn’t played many television roles over the years, the ones she has played are truly memorable. First of all, in 2013, she played Shado in Intersexions, a role that most people loved her for.

However, that was only the beginning; in 2014, she played another role in the series Mzansi Magic Single. Additionally, Nombona landed one of her biggest roles in the etv series Z’bondiwe. She played Roxanne on the show alongside Hamilton Dlamini.

She played Roxanne in Z'bondiwe
She played Roxanne in Z’bondiwe

Afterwards, Nombona was seen again in Isono, where she performed Zoleka together with Naakmusic. And then later, she played Pamela in Generations: The Legacy.

Nombona likes to challenge himself with new roles. So, she intentionally likes roles that are not too long. They might lead her into a comfort zone that isn’t necessarily good for her growth as an actress.



  • 2017 Golden Horn Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Lead Actress in a TV Film for her role in the film Love & Other 4 Letter Words


  • 2014 Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Television Series for her role in the series Isibaya
  • 2015 Golden Horn Award for Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama for her role in the series Isibaya
  • 2016 Golden Horn Award for Best Actress in a Television Comedy for her role in the series Situated People
  • 2017 Golden Horn Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Lead Actress in a TV Film for her role in the film Love & Other 4 Letter Words

Net assets

As already mentioned, Nombona is not just an actress. She earns money in many other ways, including through her business ventures and influencing sponsorships.

Therefore, as of 2023, most sources estimate that he has a net worth of more than $1.5 million. We use dollars because the value of the rand is always increasing.

Social means

Nombona is on all social media platforms; on Twitter, where he uses the username @zolanombona, he has over 380,000 followers.

And on Instagram, where he uses the username @znombona, he has over 1.8 million followers. A very big platform for his influence and business ventures.

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