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Meet Nonka From Uzalo's Boyfriend In Real Life [They Are So Cute]

Thuthuka Mthembu is one of the actresses who prefer keeping her relationship private. She is still not married and has no child at the moment. Recently she has posted a guy on social media that left her fans concluding that he is her boyfriend.

Meet Nonka, the beloved character from the popular South African TV show, Uzalo, and her real-life boyfriend. Their relationship off-screen is just as adorable as their on-screen chemistry. Fans have been swooning over the couple’s love story, admiring their genuine connection and undeniable cuteness.

Nonka and her boyfriend share a special bond that goes beyond the cameras. They are often seen together at events, supporting each other’s endeavors, and showering each other with love and affection. Their relationship serves as an inspiration to many, showing that true love can transcend the boundaries of fiction.

The couple’s pictures together are a testament to their happiness and mutual respect. Their smiles light up the room, and their genuine happiness is contagious. Fans can’t help but admire the way they look at each other, clearly smitten and in love.

In a world where relationships are often portrayed in a negative light, Nonka and her boyfriend’s real-life love story is a breath of fresh air. It proves that genuine connections and true love still exist, even in the midst of fame and public scrutiny.

Their relationship serves as a reminder that love knows no bounds and can withstand any challenge that comes its way. Nonka and her boyfriend’s love story is a beautiful example of how two people can come together and create something truly magical.

Nonka From Uzalo’s Boyfriend

South African actress Nonka’s real name is Thuthuka Mthembu. She is popular for her role as Nonka in the SABC 1 telenovela Uzalo. Thuthuka is one of the most loved actresses in Uzalo drama soapie. She is loved by the role she plays as Nonka. On Uzalo, she is currently married Sbonelo Mhlongo who is a son of might Nkunzi Mhlongo and works in the salon. In this article, you get to meet Nonka from Uzalo’s real-life boyfriend.


Nonka, known by her real name Thuthuka Mthembu, has captured the hearts of many fans through her portrayal of the character Nonka on the popular SABC 1 telenovela, Uzalo. Her exceptional acting skills and dedication to her role have made her one of the most cherished actresses in the Uzalo drama series. Thuthuka’s character, Nonka, is currently depicted as being married to Sbonelo Mhlongo, the son of the formidable Nkunzi Mhlongo, and she works at a salon within the storyline.

Thuthuka Mthembu’s on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, as well as her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her character, have contributed to her immense popularity among viewers. The dynamic and emotional scenes she portrays on Uzalo have resonated with audiences, further solidifying her place as a talented actress in the South African entertainment industry.

Outside of her professional life, fans are often curious about Thuthuka Mthembu’s personal life, including details about her real-life boyfriend. Getting a glimpse into the actress’s off-screen relationships adds another layer of intrigue for followers of her work. By delving into the life of Nonka from Uzalo beyond the scripted drama, fans can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the actress behind the beloved character.

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