Dating Faith Nketsi always ends in tears: She can show you flames

Dating Faith Nketsi always ends in tears: She can show you flames

Faith Nketsi is clearly not someone to be trusted when it comes to relationships. She will make promises that she cannot keep

Dating celebrity influencer, Faith Nketsi, can be an intense and tumultuous ride, but it comes with a warning: it will almost always end in tears. The South African beauty has become popular through her charisma and daring personality, which has been expressed in a range of disciplines including modelling, dancing, television, and various social media channels.

Faith Nketsi

Though Faith is admired by many, her reputation for being volatile and unpredictable is well known. Her passionate persona is often expressed through her relationships, and it can severely burn anyone who gets too close. As a result, many men have been burned by her flame – quite literally.

A perfect example of this is when Faith was dating an ex-boyfriend, who she calls ‘D’. During one argument, D received a hot pot of food thrown directly at him, resulting in burn marks all over his body – though the two eventually reconciled.

This type of behavior is not uncommon in Faith’s relationships, as evidenced by comments made by other ex-boyfriends. One claimed that Faith “would curse you out and then say ‘I didn’t mean it’ afterwards. You get so confused.” Another alleged that they had been in a heated argument, during which Faith “yelled and screamed” and eventually threw a bottle at him.

Given the intense nature of her relationships, it is no surprise that dating Faith Nketsi always ends in tears. Her fiery temper, coupled with her uncompromising nature, can be both thrilling and terrifying, depending on the situation. Though for those brave enough to take the risk, the reward could be great – just mind the flames.

Faith Nketsi

Fans of the businesswoman and reality star, Mapholoso Faith Nketsi, commonly known as Faith Nketsi, were relieved to hear news of her divorce from husband, Nzuzo Njilo. Faith’s brand had been taking damage due to Njilo’s corrupt business practices becoming public knowledge on the covers of Mzansi’s largest tabloids. This was in addition to Faith already having a history of controversy, such as being accused of running a brothel and an affair with a married man.

From the onset, it was evident that the marriage, rushed as it was, was doomed. Have Faith’s reality star garnered national sympathy after revealing her pregnancy on the latest season of the show. Her posting of the nine-month-old baby pictures silenced any critics.

Faith Nketsi

After much public and media speculation, Faith Nketsi has confirmed her divorce. The reality star has moved on to what is hoped to be better things. Ironically, Faith’s relationship with an unknown man, who she was vacationing with to celebrate their four-year anniversary, was what propelled her into becoming an ‘It Girl’- due to the rumour of their alleged s.e.x tape. This is similar to the situation that Kim Kardashian found herself in when she and her then-boyfriend, Ray J, starred in a s.e.x tape together while on holiday.

Faith Nketsi

The local reality star has denied all the rumours that have been put up to her of leaking the s.e.x tape herself.

The latest season is available channel 129 on BET (DSTV).

Faith Nketsi is clearly not someone to be trusted when it comes to relationships. She will make promises that she cannot keep, leaving partners in tears and disappointment. Ultimately, it is best to stay away from Faith when it comes to love and dating.

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