DJ Sbu speaks on Zahara’s death

DJ Sbu speaks on Zahara’s death

Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana accused these men of exploiting her when she was signed to their record label TS Records.

Last week, South African singer Zahara breathed her last due to multiple health issues. The news about her death shocked the world and shocked the South African music industry. Amongst all those who were affected, the popular DJ Sbu was one of them. He was one of the first figures in South African music to reach out to Zahara when she made her comeback after a long battle with depression and addiction woes.

After her passing away, DJ Sbu was dragged on social media with allegations of not doing enough for her and some even accused him of not being there for her. He has finally broken his silence on the matter with an emotional and touching statement.

DJ Sbu expressed his sadness and said that she was much more family to him than just being a business associate. He wrote that he was in shock when he first heard the news and it took him days to process it. He also said that he heard the news through media reports and he could not believe that it was true.

He then went on to express his gratitude towards her family and her close friends, especially his former business partner TK Nciza, who was very close to her and did his best to give her moral support throughout her ordeal.

DJ Sbu ended his statement with a heartfelt message about Zahara, saying that she was a blessing to the world and a source of inspiration for many. He said, “Your talent and passion for life will never be forgotten and your legacy will live forever in our hearts.”

It is truly sad to see that yet another talented soul has left us too soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones in this difficult time.


Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana accused these men of exploiting her when she was signed to their record label TS Records. I found out yesterday just like everybody else, I was shocked as well. I’m heartbroken like everyone else,” said DJ Sbu. He also shared a flyer of Zahara’s memorial service.

DJ Sbu

“Remember when she said on interviews that your robbed her of the money she made from her top selling album Loliwe? That the album had made millions and she’s never seen that money . We remember it,” a tweep wrote.

Upon news of the singer Zahara’s death, many became overwhelmed with emotion, ultimately leading to the dragging of DJ Sbu and his former business partner, TK Nciza, on social media. After much silence, DJ Sbu has now broken his silence.

After a period of mourning and reflection, DJ Sbu has finally addressed the situation and broken his silence in light of Zahara’s death. His presence, and the silence of his former business partner TK Nciza, has been greatly felt throughout the aftermath.

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