Don’t wait when she dies Zahara fans tell celebs to help Babes Wodumo

Don’t wait when she dies: Zahara’s fans tell celebs to help Babes Wodumo

“Going forward, let’s not treat other artists like we treated Zahara. Let’s show love to Babes Wodumo, let’s continue showing love to Zola

It was a wake-up call for all South African music fans when news circulated that Babes Wodumo, a reggae-crossed kwaito star, was mourning her now ex-husbdan Mampintsha.

The debacle resulted in a viral video takeover of social media, with singer Zahara being one of the first to draw much needed attention to the incident and implore Babes Wodumo’s fans to take action against emotional of abuse.

“Don’t wait until she dies. Help her while she is alive,” was the immediate call to action made by Zahara fans. telenovela actors also shared her sentiment via Twitter, with more than a thousand retweets and messages of support from other celebrities, such as Design Indaba, Mabala Noise, and others.

Since Babes Wodumo’s ordeal, her fans have been calling on the South African entertainment industry to do more to combat the violence and discrimination that female artists face in their line of work. The hashtag #DontWaitTillSheDies has been created to spread awareness, as a way to encourage boycotts of any artists or events that promote gender-based violence or mistreatment of women.

The outpouring of support for Babes Wodumo is a reminder to everyone of the power of the collective. To effect real physical and emotional change in this world, it takes more than just one person or one song to reach the masses.

Don’t wait when she dies Zahara fans tell celebs to help Babes Wodumo

If we all work together, whether it be celebrities or everyday people, it is possible to fight discrimination of all kinds and to create a brighter future.

Zahara and other celebrities have led the charge to bring awareness to this issue, and we must continue to follow their lead and make a stand against assault and oppression of any kind. It’s time to support our sisters in music, and to encourage one another to stand together and never look back. #DontWaitTillSheDies

Fans of the late Zahara are warning industry peers to check on “troubled” celebrities like artists Babes Wodumo, Zola 7, and Emtee. This, after numerous stars shared their regrets on not lending a helping hand to the singer while she was still alive.


Earlier this week, the entertainer – real name Bulelwa Mkutukana – died after a long battle with liver complications. She was just 36 years old. Despite being a talented, award-winning singer, Zahara’s life in the spotlight was marred with bad press.

Babes Wodumo

The star made headlines for her battle with former record label TS Records over alleged unpaid royalties and record sales. She also admitted to having an alcoholism addiction, which impacted her health. Last year, the singer appealed to her peers for financial assistance after defaulting on her home repayment. If that wasn’t enough, social media users poked fun at her fashion sense, love life, and even physical appearance.

Babes Wodumo1

Now attention has been turned on fellow singer Babes Wodumo, whose antics many believe is a “cry for help.” Following the death of her husband, Mampintsha, the Gqom singer has been in the spotlight for several controversies, including threatening to expose his alleged mistresses, accusing his family of allegedly bewitching her and her extreme weight loss.

She’s also posted several concerning messages on social media, hinting at wanting to end her life. One X user commented: “This celebrities keep on apologizing to Zahara for not being there. Here is Babes Wodumo and Emtee. They need people to be there for them. Don’t wait till they die
Another added: “Can we please check on Babes Wodumo?”

A third posted: “Going forward, let’s not treat other artists like we treated Zahara. Let’s show love to Babes Wodumo, let’s continue showing love to Zola. Let’s show love to everybody. They need us

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