DJ Melzi's romantic involvement with Ntswaki

DJ Melzi’s romantic involvement with Ntswaki, got Mzansi talking

DJ Melzi really took a step down,” one user posted, alongside side-by-side photos of Ntswaki and the ex-girlfriend. Another tweet questioned, “How could he have gone from that to this?”

Twitter users have been poking fun at DJ Melzi’s romantic involvement with Ntswaki, with memes and jokes circulating on social media platforms. The humorous take on their relationship has garnered attention from followers and bystanders alike, with many finding amusement in the playful banter. Some have even gone as far as creating parody accounts dedicated to the couple, further fueling the lighthearted teasing.

Despite the jesting nature of the comments, both DJ Melzi and Ntswaki have embraced the humor surrounding their relationship, showcasing a sense of camaraderie and good spirits. This light-hearted approach towards their public image has only endeared them more to their fans, solidifying their status as relatable figures in the entertainment industry.

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Twitter Users Mock DJ Melzi’s Relationship with Ntswaki

Social media has proven to be a challenging environment for many, including DJ Melzi and his new partner, Ntswaki, who have recently become the focal point of a Twitter controversy. The online community has been relentless in drawing comparisons between Ntswaki and DJ Melzi’s previous girlfriend, sparking a heated debate about whether DJ Melzi has made a “downgrade” in his choice of partner.

DJ Melzi's romantic involvement with Ntswaki

The conflict began with a series of tweets that juxtaposed images of Ntswaki and DJ Melzi’s ex-girlfriend. This comparison quickly gained momentum, with numerous Twitter users openly criticizing DJ Melzi’s decision. Comments varied from simple expressions of preference for the ex-girlfriend’s appearance to more direct accusations that DJ Melzi has compromised his standards significantly.


“DJ Melzi really took a step down,” one user posted, alongside side-by-side photos of Ntswaki and the ex-girlfriend. Another tweet questioned, “How could he have gone from that to this?” – sentiments that were echoed by many others who participated in the online dialogue. Despite the negative feedback, there have been individuals who have come to the couple’s defense, emphasizing that relationships should not be judged solely on physical attributes. “You all are too fixated on appearances. Perhaps she treats him better,” a supporter tweeted. Another defender highlighted, “Physical beauty isn’t everything. Let DJ Melzi find happiness.”

The backlash has sparked a broader conversation about the challenges posed by public scrutiny on personal relationships, particularly for celebrities like DJ Melzi. While the DJ has yet to address the issue publicly, the situation sheds light on the intrusive nature of social media commentary. For Ntswaki, the public condemnation can be especially harsh, as she is thrust into the limelight not for her own actions but for her relationship with a well-known figure.

This scenario underscores the difficulties faced by individuals involved with public figures, where personal lives are frequently subjected to public judgment. As the debate continues to escalate on Twitter, it remains to be seen how DJ Melzi and Ntswaki will navigate the public’s opinions. Currently, the couple is enduring the scrutiny that accompanies their high-profile relationship, demonstrating that love in the era of social media comes with its unique set of challenges.



DJ Melzi’s recent romantic relationship with Ntswaki has become the talk of Mzansi, sparking discussions and debates across social media platforms. The situation escalated when Andiswa The Bomb decided to end her relationship with DJ Melzi after a video surfaced on TikTok showing him publicly kissing Ntswaki.

The incident left many fans shocked and intrigued by the unfolding drama, with some expressing disbelief at the unexpected turn of events. The power of social media in shaping narratives and relationships has once again been highlighted, as the public scrutiny and reactions to the situation continue to unfold.

The dynamics of modern relationships and the influence of digital platforms on personal lives are being brought to the forefront, showcasing the complexities of love, betrayal, and public perception in today’s interconnected world.


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