L’vovo’s hand in latest video leaves fans worried

L’vovo’s recent appearance in a video has sparked concern among his fans due to the visible condition of his hand. The video has left many supporters worried about the well-being of the popular personality

L’vovo’s recent appearance in a video has sparked concern among his fans due to the visible condition of his hand. The video has left many supporters worried about the well-being of the popular personality. The sight of L’vovo’s hand in the footage has raised questions and speculation about his health and potential injuries. This unexpected development has prompted discussions online, with fans expressing their hopes for his quick recovery and sharing their concerns for his welfare.

The concern over L’vovo’s hand in the latest video highlights the strong emotional connection that fans have with the entertainer. His followers closely monitor his public appearances and activities, showing a deep level of care and interest in his personal life. The sudden appearance of a potential injury or health issue has stirred a sense of protectiveness and support from his fanbase.

Well-known South African musical artist, Thokozani “L’vovo Derrango” Ndlovu trended on social media this week when a video of him looking weak while staggering in his steps went viral.

Social media user @NalaThokozane shared a video of the musician L’vovo struggling to walk after his performance.

Oh man, it is so sad to see L’vovo like this. Wishing him strength in his recovery journey,” she writes.


Bona reports that Ndlovu is delighted to be able to record music after a hiatus due to recovering from a stroke.

The publication adds that his speech was affected by the stroke, and he had a slight facial droop.

Fans of the Durban-based star took to social media to send him well-wishes after watching the video.

L’vovo explains to Zimoja that he was attacked by a sharp pain in his left arm and lost sense on his left-hand side.

The stroke occurred while he was performing at Ndwendwe Music Festival on 23 December 2022. He was about to go on stage when he heard about Mampintsha’s death.

“I was about to go on stage and his death just triggered me. I performed but got the attack before my second last song. I couldn’t feel my left side and I asked them If I could rest for a bit. I have high blood pressure and I have not been taking my medication the way I was supposed to.”

“I know now not to rush to have too many gigs. I live better and take care of myself, especially with my condition. They gave me directions to avoid salty foods and a lot of meat. I was told which fruits to eat and what to avoid and obviously less alcohol.”

Ndlovu was hospitalised due to a stroke days after Mampintsha, who was laid to rest on 30 December 2022.

Here are some of the reactions:

@Facts_For_SA: “It’s very important to exercise n keep yourself fit to avoid lot of sickness that comes with aging.”

@Proph_Budmon: “He had a stroke. This is probably as good as it gets for him. I love that he’s still performing and still gets to live his life.”

@Mamthi05: “His not bad, I believe he will recover soon. Looking at other stroke survivors he really not bad at all. Praying for his healing.”

@HouseofZwabbash: “Gents, please lift weights and do a little cardio. You don’t have to look like Hercules, but your body will appreciate it greatly. The stronger you are, the harder it is to kill you.”

@Ramaesela2011: “And they must stop eating crap. Why do men think it’s okay to wake up and eat a big bowl of pap and braai meat? Then wash it down with coke or beer.”

In situations like these, where a public figure displays signs of distress or potential harm, fans often rally together to show their solidarity and offer words of encouragement. This collective response reflects the impact that celebrities like L’vovo have on their audiences and the meaningful relationships that can develop between them. It serves as a reminder of the power of social media and public visibility in shaping public perception and generating empathy towards public figures.

Ultimately, the concern over L’vovo’s hand in the recent video serves as a poignant reminder of the bond between celebrities and their fans. It underscores the importance of empathy, support, and understanding in times of uncertainty and worry. Fans play a crucial role in the lives of their favorite personalities, showing that their well-being is of utmost importance to them.

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