Mphowabadimo speaks on Themba’s and his drugs

Mphowabadimo reveals shocking details about Themba’s family dynamics and his involvement in substance abuse. According to Mphowabadimo, Themba’s family has been struggling with various issues

Mphowabadimo reveals shocking details about Themba’s family dynamics and his involvement in substance abuse. According to Mphowabadimo, Themba’s family has been struggling with various issues, and drug use is one of them. This revelation sheds light on the challenges that Themba and his loved ones have been facing behind closed doors.

Mphowabadimo’s disclosure about Themba’s drug use highlights a concerning trend that is prevalent in many communities. Substance abuse can have devastating effects on individuals and their families, leading to a wide range of social and health problems. It is crucial for individuals like Themba to seek help and support to address their addiction and work towards recovery.

Big Brother Mzansi season three winner Michelle “Mphowabadimo” Mavundla opens up about her relationship with Themba Mabaso.

Mphowabadimo and Themba who met on the Big Brother Mzansi reality TV show began dating when the show ended in April 2022.

TikToker @watchwaveza shares Mavundla’s recent interview where she explains why she ended her relationship with the father of her son.


“He came across as somebody who wanted ingane (a baby). When I fell pregnant, he was not interested. He called ingane (the baby) that thing. For someone that ‘loves’ his kids, it was giving red flags for me.”

The reality TV star admits that she was also toxic in the relationship and says the turning point for her was when she realized Themba was disgusted by her.

“Themba was living a double life, he was living with me, but not living with me. He was now heavily taking drugs. I became his parent more than his partner.”

Themba Broly

She also says would at times try to make him stay at home because she knew that when he went out, he would take drugs.

The businesswoman adds that there was also a lot of abuse when he was on drugs. She also informed his family, who blamed her and said she was buying him drugs.

@watchwavezaMpho Waba Badimo reveals all about Themba in “My Inked World”♬ original sound – WatchWave

The winner of the 2022 reality TV show Mphowabadimo also reveals that Themba’s family paid R4000 lobola.

“Mina I was not up for marriage. I was not up for marrying Themba. Ba fike khaya (they got to my place) and said they would pay lobola for R4000.”

IOL revealed in January 2023 that the duo reportedly had a secret wedding sometime in December 2022.

The Big Brother Mzansi season three winner Michelle Mvundla also took to her Instagram to share the festivities of the day.

Here are some of the reactions to the interview:

@mphotrimlady: “The day he came for the BBMzansi party, you could tell he takes the white stuff.”

@Paballo_maseko_: “I believe her! I knew her rage was fuelled more than just being absent during her giving labour. And the substance abuse part makes sense too because chelete e fedile (there’s no money) without him having anything to show for it. It’s his family blaming her for his bad behaviour. They annoy me so much.”

@ZeeKaZikodee: “Themba definitely not a family man he’s for the streets even his biological sister was complaining about him.”

@WeleleWololo: “·Plus the way Themba spoke to Nale on BBMzansi… We still haven’t forgotten. His temper and handling of women was very scary.”

@ZamaWaMosotho: “I’m more p*ssed at the fact that people were saying Mpho chowed Themba’s money and she was there for the money.”


The impact of drug abuse on families is often profound, causing rifts in relationships and creating a sense of instability within the household. By bringing attention to Themba’s situation, Mphowabadimo is raising awareness about the importance of addressing substance abuse issues and providing support to those in need. It is essential for communities to come together to offer resources and assistance to individuals struggling with addiction.

Overall, Mphowabadimo’s revelations about Themba’s family and drug use serve as a reminder of the challenges that many individuals face behind closed doors. By shedding light on these issues, we can work towards creating a more supportive and understanding environment for those in need of help.

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