Makhadzi failing to spell Merry Christmas leaves Mzansi in stitches

Mzansi was in stitches after renowned singer Makhadzi failed to accurately spell ‘Merry Christmas’ on Twitter. The Limpopo-born singer is known for her hit songs ‘Sugar Sugar’ and ‘Matorokisi’

Mzansi was in stitches after renowned singer Makhadzi failed to accurately spell ‘Merry Christmas’ on Twitter. The Limpopo-born singer is known for her hit songs ‘Sugar Sugar’ and ‘Matorokisi’, as well as her sassy fashion sense.

However, her attempt at a holiday greeting sparked an onslaught of hilarious memes, jokes and comments on social media, leaving South Africans in fits of laughter. Makhadzi had tweeted “Mari Krismas” — clearly missing the ‘Merry’ part — cracking up her 1.1 million followers.

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Social media users were quick to point out the singer’s misspelled tweet, causing it to go viral. Many shared the funny clip, with references to the singer’s hit song, ‘Matorokisi’. One person wrote “Wait a minute, Makhadzi says Matorokisi. How does she not know how to spell Merry Christmas?” Others simply created memes of the singer’s face, suggesting she was absently rethinking her holiday message.

Makhazdi wasn’t the only one being roasted, as others wrote about how they, or someone they knew, had also made the same mistake. This added to the festive spirit of the internet, as people used the moment to entertain and poke fun at each other.

All in all, Makhadzi’s misstep was an amusing reminder of how even people with a large platform make mistakes. In the end, however, it was just a bit of festive fun, and all’s well that ends well — especially when the holiday cheer is brought by Makhadzi and her uniquely delightful brand of entertainment.


English breaker “- Makhadzi failing to spell Merry Christmas leaves Mzansi in stitchesMakhadzi’s English bundles run out Our girl Makhadzi wasn’t left behind and decided to shoot some content for her Christmas afternoon.

From her Instagram story, Musa Khawula took a screenshot of the Limpopo singer’s festive stay at a resort surrounded by palm trees and also had someone prepare food outside with the classic “3-foot” pot. habelomaanda showed love to Makhadzi: “No need to act for nobody! Makhadzi is authentic!”This isn’t the first time Makhadzi has stumbled over her words. In a previous incident, she encouraged her fans to travel “all the way” to her show, but her English bundles seemed to have taken a vacation. It happens to the best of us, Makhadzi!

Oh, the joys of auto-correct! It never fails to provide us with a good laugh, especially when it happens to our favorite celebrities. This time, it was the talented Limpopo singer, Makhadzi, who fell victim to the notorious auto-correct feature.

In a video shared on her Instagram story, Makhadzi showcased her Christmas afternoon at a resort, complete with palm trees and a mouthwatering feast prepared outside. However, instead of wishing her followers a “Merry Christmas,” she accidentally typed “Marry Christmas.” Oops!


But let’s not forget, Makhadzis loved for her authenticity and talent, not her English skills. So, whether it’s a “Merry Christmas” or a “Marry Christmas,” we still wish her a joyous holiday season filled with love, laughter, and plenty of hits.

So, Makhadzi, keep being your authentic self, and don’t let auto-correct or English blunders dampen your shine. We’ll be here, cheering you on and enjoying your music, no matter what language you speak!

Makhadzi’s music is a powerful representation of who she is, and is a source of joy for her fans. We can all support her journey to success by encouraging her to keep sharing her gifts with us, no matter the language they’re delivered in. Let’s lift her up and celebrate her uniqueness – and let’s keep rocking out to her incredible sound!

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