on #HouseOfZwide: “Hold this Shoki”, Mampho said to Shoki, After her and Maria Made A Dramatic Entrance At The Zwide Mansion

Mampho and Maria’s story and will prove to be a compelling climax to the season as viewers find out what this Christmas at the Zwide Mansion holds in store for them.

Fans of the popular South African TV show House of Zwide were recently treated to a dramatic entrance. Mampho ( played by actress Gaisang Noge) and Maria ( played by actor Tsholofelo Matshaba) arrived at the Zwide Mansion, where they had been invited to spend Christmas. As they arrived, Mampho addressed Shoki with a stern command that could easily be seen as a metaphor for their soon-to-be situation. “Hold this Shoki,” Mampho said.

Now, as they take a step into the Zwide Mansion, they do so with much skepticism and apprehension, uncertain of the type of Christmas they are about to experience.

This situation has been teased in previews leading up to the season finale and fans can’t wait to find out what will happen in the final episode.

The Mansion itself has an intriguing history. Built in the late 1800s by chief Zwide and his consort Natas, it was once a meeting place for the Zwide clans, a place they could gather for celebration, dispute settlement, and storytelling.

The presence of history looms heavy as Mampho and Shoki enter, each with their own baggage, and both trying to make sense of how this opportunity will affect their future. New relationships form and tensions arise as the two are thrown into an unfamiliar setting. How will they deal with the difficulties that come with being invited to the Zwide Mansion?

on #HouseOfZwide: Shoki went to beg Kopano to work with Nkosi again | Drama ahead

The drama is heating up on the hit show #HouseOfZwide as Shoki has gone to confront Kopano and try to persuade him to work with Nkosi again. Kopano has been adamant that he will never work with Nkosi again whereas Shoki believes the two should work together for the betterment of the Zwide household and legacy.

The showdown began when Shoki was asked to intervene after Kopano last encountered Nkosi and ended up walking out in frustration. Shoki has kept his cool all this time, but this time he was determined to address the issues between the two, which is why he decided to go to Kopano himself.


When Shoki arrived, Kopano did not look too pleased. The tension between them was palpable, but Shoki was determined to talk it out. After Shoki Classically tried to express how helpful it would be if Kopano and Nkosi reconciled, Kopano responded that Shoki was wasting his time yet again. It is yet to be seen what will happen when Shoki and Kopano meet again and whether Shoki will be able to get through to him or not.

With Shoki attempting to mend the fences between Kopano and Nkosi, it can only mean drama ahead. As #HouseOfZwide fans know, drama and tension alone have shaped the show and warmed countless hearts. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the next episode to find out if Shoki will be successful in convincing Kopano to work with Nkosi again, or if things in the Zwide household will stay the same.

No matter what the outcome is, fans of #HouseOfZwide can be sure to be kept on their toes as the tension between Kopano and Nkosi escalates or fades. Tune in and see what Shoki will come up with next!

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