The fight between Kwaito and Lizzy has certainly been emotional for the fan

Kwaito and Lizzy Scream At Each Other In Front Of uMfundisi

On Skeem Saam, tensions erupted into a screaming match between Kwaito and Lizzy in front of uMfundisi. It was a dramatic scene that had fans of the South African drama series chattering on social media.

Kwaito and Lizzy had been fighting for a while before their heated exchange became physical. Kwaito accused Lizzy of trying to sabotage his future. He was visibly upset and refused to listen to anything Lizzy had to say.


Lizzy tried to make Kwaito understand why she had done what she had done, but Kwaito kept yelling and screaming.

The dramatic scene had viewers of the show on the edge of their seats. uMfundisi, a wise figure in the show, attempted to intervene and, although he didn’t succeed in calming the situation, he tried to make Kwaito understand why Lizzy acted the way he did.

The fight between Kwaito and Lizzy has certainly been emotional for the fans, and it will be interesting to see where it leads. Will Kwaito and Lizzy be able to forgive each other and move on with their lives? Or will this implosion of emotions have a lasting effect on their relationship? It’s hard to tell, but with Skeem Saam being such an unpredictable show, anything can happen.

The Kwaito and Lizzie fight is certainly a developing plot that has people talking. It would be great to see how this all ends up and whether or not Kwaito and Lizzie can put aside their differences and start fresh. Skeem Saam viewers are sure to be keeping an eye on this one!

Kwaito and Lizzy had a heated argument that turned physical when Kwaito accused Lizzy of trying to sabotage his future. Despite Lizzy’s attempts to explain her actions, Kwaito refused to listen and kept yelling.

In the end, Kwaito and Lizzy’s physical altercation did not resolve their disagreement. No communication could take place between them because Kwaito refused to listen to Lizzy’s explanations. It is clear the two need to take some time apart in order to eventually have an effective conversation in the future.

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