#SkeemSaam February 2024 teasers (PreHasa is back)

SkeemSaam February 2024 teasers are filled with drama and suspense as old enemies resurface and new relationships are formed.

#SkeemSaam February 2024 teasers (PreHasa is back)

In the eagerly anticipated February 2024 teasers of #SkeemSaam, fans can expect the exciting return of PreHasa. This thrilling development is set to captivate viewers and add a new layer of intrigue to the storyline.

PreHasa’s return brings a wave of anticipation as fans wonder what plans and surprises the character has in store for the residents of Turfloop. Will PreHasa seek revenge or redemption? Only time will tell.

The inclusion of PreHasa in the February 2024 teasers injects fresh energy into the narrative, creating a sense of anticipation and curiosity among viewers. Their reappearance promises to deepen existing storylines and introduce exciting new twists and turns.

nkosana lekotjolo on X: "The best 2022 couple is Prehasa #SkeemSaam" / X

Fans of #SkeemSaam can look forward to gripping performances and engaging storytelling as PreHasa’s return unfolds. The character’s presence is sure to have a ripple effect on the lives of other beloved characters, setting the stage for intense confrontations, emotional dilemmas, and unexpected alliances.

Thur 1 Feb Leeto isn’t impressed with Noah’s behavior. Mokgadi receives shocking news.

Fri 2 Feb
Mapitsi and Tbose’s relationship takes a surprising turn. Noah’s secret exposed.

Mon 5 Feb
Rachel’s plan to break up Leeto and Mokgadi unfolds. Noah faces consequences.

Tue 6 Feb
MaNtuli makes a shocking discovery about Sifiso. Sthoko faces temptation.

Wed 7 Feb
Kwaito struggles with his feelings for both Lizzy and Glenda. Mokgadi seeks revenge.

Thu 8 Feb
Principal Thobakgale’s dark past threatens to ruin her career. Sifiso’s secret revealed.

Fri 9 Feb
Rachel’s desperate actions lead to tragic consequences. Noah seeks redemption.

Mon 12 Feb
Mapitsi and Tbose’s relationship faces another obstacle. Leeto confronts Rachel.

Tue 13 Feb
Sthoko’s secret affair exposed. Kwaito makes a life-changing decision.

Wed 14 Feb
Mokgadi’s revenge plot takes a dangerous turn. Rachel faces arrest.

Stay tuned for more exciting twists and turns on SkeemSaam!

SkeemSaam February 2024 teasers are filled with drama and suspense as old enemies resurface and new relationships are formed.

SkeemSaam February 2024 teasers


(PreHasa is back)

Thur 1 Feb

Leeto isn’t impressed with new development in Eunice’s life. Charles looks to pick a fight with John in Salamina’s defense. Sthoko and Evelyn finally battle it out.

Fri 2 Feb

Jacobeth receives some interesting new information from her P.I about Alfred. Pretty opens herself up to a possible new relationship. There’s a new boy at Turf who has everyone’s attention.

Mon 5 Feb

Alfred falls dismally in his desperate attempt to fix his problem. Kwaito is stunned when he learns of Pretty’s latest lifestyle. Amukelani marks his territory.

Tue 6 Feb

Carol is set on getting her way and Alfred is feeling the pressure knowing Jacobeth is plotting against him. Pretty’s past and present love interests leave hers agitated. Salamina feel she’s bitten more than she can chew with Turf University.

Wed 7 February

A lingering threat forces Alfred to face his arch enemy head on. Meanwhile, Turf High’s popular kid realizes that he’s not a leader of the of the pack anymore. Work and dating life shows one up-and-coming lawyer.

Thur 8 Feb

Jacobeth wreaks havoc at Turf High. Pretty and Tsietsi’s connection seems to be growing stronger. With his back against the wall, Alfred pleads with Carol to do him a favour.

Fri 9 Feb

Pretty and Eunice meet their worst nightmare. Carol is told the deputy chair is hers but needs to do something for it. Amukelani and Lewatle get to know each other.

Mon 12 Feb

The Seakamelas are forced to swallow their pride and turn to an adversary for help. Khwezikazi is outraged by Lehasa’s actions.

Tue 13 Feb

Lehasa’s heroic action backfires. John blames Leeto for what happened to Pretty. Salomon has an order for Eunice in light of her ordeal.

Wed 14 Feb

Lewatle experiences a Valentine’s day like no other. Pretty chooses love over family. Charles heads Salamina’s advice regarding boosting their sales.

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Thur 15 Feb

Alfred is exposed in a very public fashion. Pretty almost burst Lehasa in his secret mission. Lewatle is stuck between a rock and a hard place and she has no idea what to do.

Fri 16 Feb

Alfred has to prove his innocence when news about him buying principal position breaks. Babeile is livid when he finds out who Lewatle is dating and demands that she breaks up with him. Pretty visits Turf with her man to say her last goodbyes, some people are disappointed.

Mon 19 Feb

A man under fire resorts to desperate measure during desperate times. Meanwhile, a protective dad swears to cause havoc if his daughter continues to defy him. Pretty receives unexpected visitor.

Tue 20 Feb

Alfred’s Berry FM interview get heated when Jacobeth calls in. Pretty ponders her decision to move to Joburg. Babeile is set on ending Lewatle and Pax’s relationship.

Wed 21 Feb

Mapitsi catches Alfred and his accomplice red-handed. Leeto demands answers from Bullet after Bazaruto comes under fire on social streets. Pretty gets slap in the face when she reaches out to a former boss.

Thur 22 Feb

Alfred reaches out to Mapitsi in an attempt to stop her from throwing him under the her under the bus. Pictures of Bullet in a compromising position trend on social media. Tbose keeps a secret from Kwaito and Kat while Babeile continues to battle with Lewatle’s interest in boys.

Fri 23 Feb

Bullet is the talk of the town and his hand is forced into agreeing to a Berry FM interview. Salamina settles in her deputy principal role.

Mon 26 Feb

Bullet Mabuza dodges a serious but metaphorical bullet. Just when Lewatle thinks she and her father have found common ground, he messes with his plans. Salamina receives an uninvited and welcome guest at campus.

Tue 27 Feb

Charles actions against Salamina earn him unwanted attention. Bullet learns he may have counted his chickens before they hatched. Mapitsi is uneasy with a guest the Maputlas have invited over for dinner.

We’d 28 Feb

Cooper catches Bullet in a compromising position and Bullet threatens him. There’s beauty interested in Babeile but he’s too blind to see it. Rathebe gets Jacobeth’s hopes high, only to dash them again.

Thur 29 Feb

Just when he thinks he’s shoved one skeleton back in the closet ,more skeletons return to haunt Bullet. Mapitsi thinks she’s slowed the mystery on the missing watch. Everyone at the station seems to have opinion on Babeile’s lovelife or lackof.

With PreHasa’s return, viewers can expect heightened drama, suspense, and emotional moments that will keep them at the edge of their seats. The impact of their reappearance will reverberate throughout the community of Turfloop, leaving no stone unturned and no relationship untouched.

As the February 2024 teasers of #SkeemSaam build excitement and anticipation, fans can prepare themselves for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and gripping storytelling. The return of PreHasa is set to be a game-changer, with its implications reaching far beyond the month of February.

Stay tuned to #SkeemSaam in February 2024 and witness the electrifying return of PreHasa as the story unfolds, leaving viewers hooked and eager for more.

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