on #HouseOfZwide: Funani Makes Things Difficult For Ona

The episode puts Funani, played wonderfully by Vusi Kunene, in the spotlight as she makes things difficult for Ona.

on the latest episode of #HouseOfZwide: Funani Makes Things Difficult For Ona

The much anticipated latest episode of the popular South African telenovela House of Zwide recently aired and did not disappoint fans. The episode puts Funani, played wonderfully by Vusi Kunene, in the spotlight as she makes things difficult for Ona.

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Vusi Kunene is a South African actor, best known for his role as Jack Mabaso in Generations and its continuation, Generations: The Legacy, Funani Zwide in House of Zwide, Bhekifa in Isibaya(2012-2016),Jefferson Sibeko in Isidingo(2009-2014).

Funani and Ona have a strained relationship, with their feud becoming more evident in this episode. After Ona is released from prison, she seeks Funani’s support and understanding, only for her old rival to reject her. As Ona seeks solace in her newfound freedom, Funani makes it increasingly difficult to move forward, leaving Ona feeling isolated and alone.

Meanwhile, tensions increase between the Zwide family as Thando reveals her past relationship with Ona. Funani is outraged and hs resentment towards the two is palpable. He takes her anger out on Ona, making her times of happiness and freedom short-lived.

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It is clear that Funani’s resentments run deep and her laws and manipulations are hard for Ona to break engulfed as she is in a web of Funani’s plots. It is difficult to tell if she will manage to escape Funani’s grip or succumb to her distant rival’s desires.

Fans will have to wait to tune in to the next episode to find out. House of Zwide has kept viewers engaged for the past few months, and the latest episode promises to keep them enthralled. With a gripping storyline and superb acting, there is no better way to support African storytelling.

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