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on Umkhokha: The Curse Teasers – for this month of July 2024

The forthcoming episodes of Umkhokha: The Curse set to air in July 2024 promise to captivate viewers with their intense storyline and gripping plot twists. Fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions

The forthcoming episodes of Umkhokha: The Curse set to air in July 2024 promise to captivate viewers with their intense storyline and gripping plot twists. Fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the characters navigate through challenges and confront the consequences of the curse that haunts them.


”’Monday 1 July 2024

Episode 86I Won’t Go Difa is taken aback when she receives an alarming call from the local hospital. The news sends a shockwave through her family. Meanwhile, a family member becomes deeply concerned about the sudden rise and ostentatious lifestyle of a relative. Unable to overlook the drastic change, she decides to intervene and takes the matter into her own hands.

Tuesday 2 July 2024

Episode 87Lies Have Short Legs Mabusi finds herself in a predicament where she’s helping everyone around her but struggles to aid someone who holds significant importance in her life. In a twist of fate, Ndlovu’s scheming ways come back to bite him. Additionally, Zisebenzele’s lies start to catch up with him, landing him in hot water.

Wednesday 3 July 2024

Episode 88Cry Me A River The Mthembu family is thrown into chaos as someone’s illness continues to unsettle their lives. Difa, in an act of selflessness, makes a significant sacrifice to save a loved one’s life. Meanwhile, Ndlovu showcases his resilience by turning a dire situation into an advantage.

Thursday 4 July 2024

Episode 89What Do You Want From Me? Mabusi finally succumbs to the mounting pressure. The Council men thought they had Ndlovu cornered, but do they really? On the other hand, Zisebenzele’s complicated love triangle starts to close in on him.

Friday 5 July 2024

Episode 90Who’s Baby Is It? A highly respected leader experiences an emotional breakdown at church. In a heartwarming turn of events, “true love” prevails in a complex love triangle. Simultaneously, the carefully constructed life of the Ndlovu family starts to crumble.

Monday 8 July 2024

Episode 91For Sale Difa and his daughters experience heartache as they watch potential buyers lay claim to their cherished home. Meanwhile, Zisebenzele and Ntombi’s short-lived happiness faces a stumbling block.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

Episode 92

At Death’s Door The consequences of Ndlovu’s past actions catch up with him, forcing him to resort to lies. Siphamandla’s prayers are answered, and the Gumedes face a terrifying situation with MaMzobe.

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Episode 93

Out Of The Count Vulindlela finds himself battling the biggest challenge of his young life. Mthembu shows his support for the Gumedes in an extraordinary way. Ndlovu manages to throw the Council under the bus, allowing him to live and fight another day.

Thursday 11 July 2024

Episode 94

Bad Spirits Mabusi threatens to curse the gods in her desperation. Ndlovu makes a futile attempt to salvage the crisis he created for himself. Meanwhile, Nobuntu breathes a sigh of relief as she is freed from her guilt.

Friday 12 July 2024

Episode 95

A Lady Far Away Holds A Cure Mabusi embarks on a journey away from home to rid herself of a looming dark cloud. MaMzobe’s attempt to turn over a new leaf is met with rejection. Meanwhile, Ndlovu’s past mistakes come back to haunt him.


Monday 15 July 2024

Episode 96

The Interim Mkhululi Siphamandla temporarily leaves the throne in capable hands as he travels to Mozambique to support Mabusi. The Gumedes strive to rebuild their lives.

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Episode 97

The Silence Khulekani is daunted as he is entrusted with the monumental task of stepping into a divine role. Ndlovu manipulates the council members, challenging Siphamandla’s decision, while Mabusi is tormented by her inability to hold her child.

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Episode 98

The Dilemma Sfociya drops another bombshell on Siphamandla and Mabusi about Vulindlela. Ndlovu plays mind games with Khulekani. Meanwhile, MaMzobe and Difa grow closer.

Thursday 18 July 2024

Episode 99

The Vicious Separation Mabusi endures the agony of watching the most important thing in her life being taken away from her. Ndlovu refuses to perform his duties at the church, while Nobuntu’s life seems to be turning around for the better.

Friday 19 July 2024

Episode 100

Am I Worth It? Feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy plague Ithempeli Lenkosi’s new sheriff in waiting. A prodigal daughter finally finds something worthwhile in her life. Meanwhile, there is rampant speculation about the state of the Mthembu family.

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Monday 22 July 2024

Episode 101A Change Of Guard! Khulekani begins to embrace his new role as the spiritual leader of the church. Siphamandla receives the news that he is bound for Mozambique.

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Episode 102The Throne Siphamandla and Mabusi finally embark on their journey to Mozambique. In their absence, Khulekani and Nomkhosi step up to their new roles as acting Mkhululi and MaMkhululi respectively. However, Makhoza’s confrontation of the Gumede’s goes awry.

Wednesday 24 July 2024

Episode 103

Straatmates Ndlovu and his family storm the Gumede household. He re-ignites a fiery confrontation after Gabisile unleashes a brutal attack on Sibahle.

Thursday 25 July 2024

Episode 104

The Chickens Come Home To Roost Ndlovu’s day of reckoning finally arrives. Nobuntu receives a job offer that opens old wounds. Gabisile is pleased with her parents’ blooming relationship. However, Sibahle’s actions land her in hot water with her family.

Friday 26 July 2024

Episode 105

The Prodigal Son Returns The prodigal son makes a triumphant return. Khulekani steps into his father’s shoes with ease. The Gumedes celebrate the rise of their family from the ashes. Meanwhile, KaMadondo tries to help pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.”’

umkhokha-the-curse-teasers-july-2024 1

On Monday 29 July 2024,

in Episode 106 of “Umkhokha: The Curse,”

a clever remark from Nomkhosi sparks a realization in her mind about Khulekani’s beliefs. Meanwhile, Gabi’s threats have left Sibahle feeling anxious and uneasy. MaNzimande, on the other hand, is showered with praise for her actions. The events unfold, setting the stage for a series of intense emotions and decisions.

Moving on to Tuesday 30 July 2024, Episode 107, Nomkhosi implies that Khulekani may be the chosen one, but he quickly dismisses the idea. Ndlovu suspects Difa of betraying him to the council, only to realize that Difa embodies qualities he himself lacks. The intricate web of relationships and conflicts continues to evolve, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the week progresses to Wednesday 31 July 2024, Episode 108, a heartbreaking decision looms as Nobuntu announces her intention to leave, facing strong opposition from her parents who resort to extreme measures. Sibahle steps up to support Ndlovu during his time of need, while Gabisile and Sibahle unexpectedly cross paths on the bustling streets. The narrative unfolds with gripping intensity, delving deeper into the complexities of relationships and individual choices.

Don’t miss the premiere episodes of Umkhokha: The Curse airing on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30, promising viewers a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected twists.

With each episode, viewers will be drawn deeper into the intricate web of relationships and secrets that define the world of Umkhokha. The upcoming teasers offer a glimpse into the dramatic events that will unfold, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. July 2024 is shaping up to be a month filled with suspense, intrigue, and unexpected revelations for fans of Umkhokha: The Curse.

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