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Big Zulu doesn’t want peace with Duncan

Big Zulu and Duncan has been escalating. The conflict, originating from Big Zulu’s track “150 Bars” in 2022, targeted various hip-hop artists, including Duncan, KO, Cassper Nyovest, and Kwesta.

The ongoing feud between prominent rappers Big Zulu and Duncan has been intensifying with each passing day. The conflict, originating from Big Zulu’s track “150 Bars” in 2022, targeted various hip-hop artists, including Duncan, KO, Cassper Nyovest, and Kwesta. In response, each artist retaliated with their own diss tracks, but it was Duncan’s track “Umngcwabo” that struck a chord with Big Zulu, delving into personal territory beyond professional boundaries.

‘Big Zulu, whose actual name is Siyabonga Nene, continues to be profoundly impacted by Duncan’s diss track, which directly targeted him and his loved ones. This feud erupted in 2022 when Duncan unleashed a scathing attack on Big Zulu, igniting a public feud that has captured the attention of fans and the media alike. The intense emotions and personal nature of the lyrics have left a lasting impact on Big Zulu, showcasing the power and influence of music in expressing personal grievances and sparking controversy.

The ripple effects of this feud have extended beyond just the two artists involved, resonating with fans and industry insiders who are closely following the developments. Despite the passage of time, the wounds inflicted by Duncan’s diss track are still fresh for Big Zulu, highlighting the enduring nature of conflicts within the music industry. As tensions continue to simmer between the two artists, the impact of their feud serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and rivalries that can arise within the world of music.’

Despite reconciling with the other musicians involved in the feud, Big Zulu remains adamant about not forgiving Duncan, citing the deeply humiliating nature of Duncan’s personal attack. Big Zulu, expressing his sentiments, mentioned, “I’m a seasoned individual with a family, and I cannot tolerate being publicly shamed by a younger artist. There has been no attempt to reconcile with Duncan post the release of our diss tracks, and I have no intentions of doing so after the disrespect he showed.” He further questioned Duncan’s reaction to his response, emphasizing that the feud was instigated by Duncan himself.

Looking ahead, Big Zulu hinted at a continuation of the feud, teasing a potential “part two” to the ongoing saga. He cryptically mentioned, “The initial track was titled ‘Umngcwabo’ (funeral), symbolizing the burial of our differences. Now, it’s time for the unveiling of his ‘tombstone’.” The tension between the two artists seems far from over as Big Zulu remains resolute in his stance against Duncan.

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