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on #HouseOfZwide this December 2023 | Episodes Teasers

On December 2023, HouseOfZwide promises to be a world-class destination for viewers with its upcoming episodes.

Coming up on #HouseOfZwide in December 2023:

House of Zwide is set to host its grand opening in December of 2023 in the heart of South Africa! The luxury hotel, situated in the heart of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, is certain to be an impressive sight.

The group behind the project, Zwide, have been working hard every step of the way to create a luxurious feel and experience for viewers.

House of Zwide isn’t all fun and games, as it also has a few facilities for those looking to stay productive. The hotel offers conference rooms for corporate events, as well as a co-working space and executive lounge for business travelers.

The resort is the brainchild of Zwide International Hotel Advisors, who have worked closely with locals to develop the all-inclusive resort. They have worked hard to ensure that the hotel meets all guests’ expectations and provides them with the best possible experience.

House of Zwide is sure to be the perfect place for you to experience South Africa like never before.

Friday December 1, 2023
Episode 100

Faith tells Neo that Mapula wants a private audience with him at HoZ and pressures him with the carrot of the design assistant position. Maria reveals that Rea might have cancer but refuses to face it.

Monday December 4, 2023
Episode 101

Nkosi and Shoki reflect on their improved financial situation thanks to Kopano, and Nkosi is even more determined to prove Funani wrong.

Tuesday December 5, 2023
Episode 102

Rea finally admits to Isaac that she was afraid to go to the doctor out of fear. Meanwhile, Nkosi finds Kopano’s visit to Shoki a bit strange, but when Shoki explains the reason for the visit, he understands.

Wednesday December 6, 2023
Episode 103

Nkosi decides to talk with Kopano about respecting boundaries, but Shoki warns him against ruining their cash cow.

Thursday December 7, 2023
Episode 104

Isaac thanks Maria for telling him the truth about Rea. Isaac and Rea then go to the specialist who confirms that Rea has a form of brain cancer, and the prognosis is not great.

Friday December 8, 2023
Episode 105

The Doctor sits down with Rea and Isaac and explains the way forward. Rea needs brain surgery to remove most of the tumor, then she will undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

Monday December 11, 2023
Episode 106

Neo rejects Mapula at the last moment and she accidentally dismisses Faith’s involvement. He realizes that Mapula was supposed to record everything and that Faith was going to use it to hurt Ona.

Tuesday December 12, 2023
Episode 107

Sandile tells Neo that Faith wants to see him and reminds him to fall on his sword. But Neo decides to turn the tables on Faith.

Wednesday December 13, 2023
Episode 108

Neo plays the recording to Faith and threatens to send it to Funani. Meanwhile, Molefe enlists Ona and Keletso to help him raise money for the gender reveal party.

Thursday December 14, 2023
Episode 109

Rea tells the family that she has to have surgery to remove the tumor, and Isaac has to comfort Ona who is angry at the world for doing this to them.

Friday December 15, 2023
Episode 110

Rea gives Isaac a list of things to do in case she doesn’t come out of surgery. Funani learns of Rea’s operation and when Faith criticizes him for going to the hospital, Funani tells her that she is Rea’s half of his wife.

Monday December 18, 2023
Episode 111

Funani and Nkosi confront each other at the hospital. Later, Funani tells Faith that Nkosi is immature and unreasonable while Nkosi tells Shoki that Funani is controlling and unreasonable.

Tuesday December 19, 2023
Episode 112

Nkosi receives a call from a tense Kopano who wants to meet for dinner. Meanwhile, Keletso tells Molefe that their planned raffle to raise money for the gender reveal hasn’t taken off.

Wednesday December 20, 2023
Episode 113

Nandipha wants Kopano to stop the mind games with Nkosi and bring him back on board, but Kopano reassures her Nkosi will beg her to come back alone.

Thursday December 21, 2023
Episode 114

Mampho and Maria arrive at the Zwide house to spend Christmas and Maria quickly discovers the family tensions in the house.

Friday December 22, 2023
Episode 115

Kopano loads Nkosi with work which means he will work until Christmas and Nkosi ends up being too busy to listen to Shoki talk about his day and this leaves her bored.

Monday December 25, 2023
Episode 116

Dorothy and Molefe discover the reality: they are about to have a son. Maria realizes that Google can’t teach her how to cook and asks Mampho for help.

Tuesday December 26, 2023
Episode 117

Nkosi has no problem with Maria and Mampho staying in the mansion until the New Year – it means more time for him to spend with Busi, but Shoki isn’t happy about that.

Wednesday December 27, 2023
Episode 118

Pearl is happy to see Tiro again, but then she begins to panic that he may no longer find her attractive. Mampho hears Faith say that she doesn’t want her and Maria in the house.

Thursday December 28, 2023
Episode 119

Faith extends an olive branch to Mampho and they begin to spend more time together, and soon Shoki begins to feel excluded by the two.

Friday December 29, 2023
Episode 120

Pearl begs Laz to let her use the HoZ apartment for the weekend, but Tiro then tells Pearl that he won’t be coming home after all. When pressed by Laz, Tiro confesses that he has met someone else and is breaking up with Pearl.

on #HouseOfZwide this December 2023 | Episodes Teasers

On December 2023, HouseOfZwide promises to be a world-class destination for viewers with its upcoming episodes. Viewers should expect exciting plotlines, engaging characters, and high-quality productions, and are sure to be on the edge of their seats as we await the conclusion of this amazing experience.

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