Scandal! Jojo sneaks in on Winnie nursing his son

Viewers of the Scandal series are constantly wondering when the plot involving Mbali and her falsehoods will be resolved.

Mbali has been using her lies to manipulate Jojo and her entire family for months in an effort to maintain her position within the Kubeka family. Initially, Jojo was able to catch Mbali in the act at Snake Park after she told him she was from a wealthy family.

With just one more untruth, the secret has a greater chance of coming out because Winnie is still living with her. Since Winnie has been nursing Nkanzimulo and developing a bond with him, she finds it difficult to let go.

Winnie will go to Mbali’s bedroom tonight with the aim of assisting her in nursing the child, but their luck will run out when Jojo enters suddenly.

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