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AKA Hits Back At Nicole Nyaba’s Claims That He ‘Ruined’ Her Life


AKA Hits Back At Nicole Nyaba’s Claims That He ‘Ruined’ Her Life. Nicole Nyaba opened a can of worms regarding her relationship with AKA during her tell-all interview with Gigi Lamyne on POV Podcast. AKA Hits Back At Nicole Nyaba’s Claims That He ‘Ruined’ Her Life The famous socialite and model dished out how her…

The famous socialite and model dished out how her relationship with AKA still affects her to this very day. AKA responded to the ruthless claims made by his ex-side chick with utter disbelief as he informed TshisaLIVE that he hasn’t heard from Nicole in five years. The rapper further expressed that he wishes her nothing but the best in life.

“I’m fairly surprised that I’m the topic of discussion that Nicole would choose to be speaking about me especially because I haven’t heard from or spoken to her in over five years, but she’s a sweet girl and I wish her all the best.” AKA said.

Nicole Nyaba

Nicole Nyaba

Nicole did not mince words when she discussed her relationship with AKA. In her initial description, she characterized the rapper as a romantic person who would go above and above to make you happy. But that is misrepresenting what wasn’t a relationship and passing it off as one.

“Now I want to say this you know, he is a romantic guy, but he’s a devil and he’s sneaky if you understand what I mean. Knowing what I know now, he’s not sincere, and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Knowing what I know now I should’ve never trusted him, I should’ve never trusted him as a friend, as a lover, as anything,” Nicole said.

Nicole claimed that when her mother died, AKA wrecked her life by exploiting all of her wonderful attributes for his personal gain. “He used my vulnerability at that time, and my kindness, and my acceptance, you know, he used all my good qualities and my virtues against me to do whatever he wants to do.” Said Nicole Nyaba.

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