Bobbing up on Smoke & Mirrors this September 2023: Friday 1 September 2023 Episo

Bobbing up on Smoke & Mirrors this September 2023:

Friday 1 September 2023
Episode 100

Jaxon asks Mandla to explode the pump space for him – freaked out Mandla contemplates Jaxon’s request.

Monday 4 September 2023
Episode 101

Dudu needs Magolide for herself. He’s on tenterhooks as Dudu befriends Mamiki, to the purpose of supporting her in her entrepreneurial endeavour.

Tuesday 5 September 2023
Episode 102

Then visual Xoliswa on the salon, Thandiswa tells Nomeva she should in spite of everything work or face her sister’s wrath.

Wednesday 6 September 2023
Episode 103

Jaxon has to procedure Caesar’s warning future coping with expectancies from somebody who lately helped him out.

Thursday 7 September 2023
Episode 104

Fury is rising in regards to the renewed aqua catastrophe, and Jaxon is making an attempt to forget about it. Mthetho tells Jaxon he must kind it out.

Friday 8 September 2023
Episode 105

Mamiki will pay a obese worth for opting for Magolide over the agreement of a profitable industry challenge.

Monday 11 September 2023
Episode 106

Caesar and Jaxon circle each and every alternative like rival cocks. Leroy finds Jaxon did one thing to the aqua provide and Sakhile is of the same opinion to constitute the nation.

Tuesday 12 September 2023
Episode 107

Mamiki convinces herself she made the fitting selection to offload Magolide. Magolide sleeps with Dudu to whisk his thoughts off Mamiki.

Wednesday 13 September 2023
Episode 108

Then visual Jaxon prone, Thandiswa tells Nomeva she is able to entire the undertaking that introduced her to Emnyameni.

Thursday 14 September 2023
Episode 109

Sakhile braves Caesar’s workplace and requests his help in exposing the aqua sabotage.

Friday 15 September 2023
Episode 110

Nthabiseng’s nervousness about Sakhile’s involvement are proved to be i’m right when a angry Jaxon arrives on the space and threatens Sakhile.

Monday 18 September 2023
Episode 111

Caesar realizes he has to intercept the possibly appalling standoff between the folk and their floundering mayor. The one method, Caesar reckons, is thru Jaxon’s cranium.

Tuesday 19 September 2023
Episode 112

Jaxon is busy micro-managing the arrangements for his or her ‘the city corridor’ assembly, future Martha tells Mthetho they’re in a position.

Wednesday 20 September 2023
Episode 113

Jaxon will get shot. May it’s Caesar’s hitman, Sgwaca? Or Amos, who hides a gun in a lodge room? Or Thandiswa who returns house traumatised?

Thursday 21 September 2023
Episode 114

Caesar is stunned to be informed Jaxon survived and that Sgwaca didn’t kill him. Thandiswa grapples with guilt and likewise the truth that she misplaced the gun impaired to kill Jaxon.

Friday 22 September 2023
Episode 115

All arms level to Sakhile for against the law he didn’t devote. There’s one thing shady happening with the lodge leftovers. A helpless Magolide studies loss in all facets of his time.

Monday 25 September 2023
Episode 116

Sakhile is Mthetho’s high suspect as Jaxon’s shooter. Nthabiseng noticed Thandiswa hearth the gun and thinks Sakhile will have been concerned.

Tuesday 26 September 2023
Episode 117

Mthetho has to catch Amos, the alleged murderer casting sturdy uncertainty in Jaxon’s homicide case.

Wednesday 27 September 2023
Episode 118

Mamiki is arrested for assaulting Dudu. Leroy and Petunia are outraged by way of Mamiki’s arrest and blame Magolide.

Thursday 28 September 2023
Episode 119

Leroy appeals in useless to Mthetho to prepared Mamiki separate. Magolide is ready to reunite with Dudu if she drops the costs.

Friday 29 September 2023
Episode 120

Mamiki is stunned to be informed what Magolide did to get Dudu to reduce the costs. Magolide in spite of everything takes a arise in opposition to Dudu.

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