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Innovative Rustenburg man makes a living through filling potholes

A young man is making a living for himself by doing a job the government is failing dismally at. Katlego Khoza, from Lethabong, Rustenburg in North West, has taken to the streets armed with nothing but sand and a shovel to fill up knee-deep potholes that riddle the streets in the area and pose a…

His only reward for the laborious job, coins from some of the motorists who want to show him their appreciation.

Man fixes potholes in exchange for small change

Katlego Khoza is one of many South Africans who have resorted to fixing the country’s growing pothole problem by themselves.Unlike most of the pothole crusaders, however, Katlego fixes potholes in exchange for small change donations.

Speaking to IOL, Katlego explained how badly the potholes are affecting motorists along the busy D1332 road.

After noticing the need for the potholes to be filled, he headed over to the road with a bucket a shovel, and some sand to fill them up.

According to him, he makes between R60 to R200 a day from motorists who are grateful for the hard work he is doing.

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A risky job indeed

Despite the monetary reward, he says that the job is quite risky especially because there are so many cars speeding by as he works the road.

“It is a risky job, I have to look over my shoulders while working. It is not safe at all, I cannot be flat-footed,” he said, while reportedly ducking a speeding truck.

“Trucks and cars drive at high speed on these pothole-ridden roads, exposing me to danger. If they lose control, even when I am on the side of the road, there is a risk of them knocking me,” he told the publication.

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