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Jamie-Lee Domburg leaves Expresso Show after three successful years


Last updated Aug 31, 2022 Expresso Show presenter Jamie-Lee Domburg will be doing her last show on Wednesday morning, a teary-eyed Domburg. Taking to social media sharing platform Facebook to inform her millions of fans, Domburg wrote: “After 3 years of laughs, learning, and crying with my beloved Expresso family, waking up at 4am with…

a smile on my face everyday because I absolutely love what I do. This morning will be my final show waking up with you South Africa. It is certainly not an easy decision to walk away when this truly is my passion,” referring to her final show on Wednesday morning.

“Being a part of the ‘Presenter Search SA’ journey 3 years ago, a show that was designed to make people like me believe that I can dream more and achieve greatness has done exactly that. I am dreaming more, I am looking to be better and make sure that I hone my craft so well that I know every single time I take on a challenge whether it be in the radio, TV, MC or digital space, I have the ability to serve my audience.”

Domburg said sometimes one has to step away from something you love to gain that experience and that skill set to pursue a different path..

“If I ever do decide to come back, I’ll be a better version of myself and more ready to serve this audience, but for now as a woman and a mom in South Africa I have to take as many opportunities that I can to work on myself. This is definitely not goodbye to you Expresso just a little detour in my journey.

She went on to thank South Africans, her mother and her little boy, Luca. Thank you for allowing me into the living rooms, kitchens, offices of this great country for the last 3 years. Domburg says it is now time for bigger and better things.

One of the country’s finest media personalities, Domburg is set to take on the continent now as she spreads her wings and prepares to fly.

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