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Lekau Sehoana suggests launching a record label after purchasing music by Lebo Mathosa. Rights and Masters

If there’s one person who’s got a good eye for business it has to be Drip Footwear CEO, Lekau Sehoana.

As if driving Drip to be one of the best shoe-selling businesses in Mzansi was not enough, the business mogul has hinted at starting a record label.

Knowing Sehoana, this hint might actually be a work-in-progress…

Lekau said he’s been sponsoring and partnering with lots of music events, including the South African Music Awards.

This time around, he intends to up his game as he announced something big is coming; some fans assumed he wants to launch a record label.

“Music is a huge part of our Business.

We have Sponsored the SAMAs twice already We have partnered with a lot of Music Events and Festivals In February this Year, we bought Majority Shares of Lebo Mathosa’s Music Masters and Rights So much is coming, Music and Drip,” Sehoana wrote.

Congrats on the Lebo Mathosa masters! Huge investment.

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