Zahara’s sisters went shopping with her bank card ‘while  Zahara’s fighting the battle of her life in the hospital

As Zahara’s fighting the battle of her life in the hospital, another sisters has been using her bank card for her own shopping, allegedly

As Zahara’s fighting the battle of her life in the hospital, another sisters has been using her bank card for her own shopping, allegedly

The extraordinary story of the two sisters has emerged on social media, where people are touched by the deep bond between the two.

One of the sisters, is in hospital, battling an unknown illness which paralyzes parts of her body, while her sister, Whitney, remains by her side.

To try and show her support, Whitney has been shopping on her sisters bank card. Wanting to show that she was with her every step of the way, fans took to social media to ask for help.


The response was overwhelming. People from all over responded, sending ideas and offers of help. After selecting a few of the offers, they used the bank cards to make purchases online

The story of the two sisters has touched hearts around the world. It is a story of selflessness and love that surpasses any boundaries, and has reminded all of us of the importance of family and friendship.

The sisters of Zahara, the famous singer, are accused of using her bank cards to buy fake designer clothes and make-up while she is in a critical condition in hospital. They did this despite knowing that their family and fiancé Mpho Xaba need money to pay for her medical expenses. Xaba, who is married to Zahara according to tradition, was so angry that he sent the sisters back to the Eastern Cape.

Zahara's Family Releases Statement Amid News of Her Fighting for Her Life  in Hospital -

A source said the sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, who were staying at Zahara and Xaba’s house in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, took Zahara’s bank card and went on a spending spree.

“The sisters did not care about Zahara’s life and went to Small Street, downtown Jozi, where they bought cheap knock-offs of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Diesel and other brands.

They thought they were shopping in Dubai, Paris or New York. They also bought some low-quality make-up.

Zahara's sisters
Zahara’s sisters

Their bags were full of fake stuff,” the source close to the siblings said. Zahara’s sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa, did not want to talk about their actions. “Ask your source bhuti,” Lumka said before hanging up. Zahara’s manager Oyama Dyosiba said, “I am shocked that you know about this, unfortunately, I cannot comment on the matter.’ On Sunday, Savanna News reported that Xaba did not allow the sisters to visit Zahara at the private hospital where she is being treated.

Xaba was suspicious when he heard the sisters talking about life insurance for his wife, instead of helping with the hospital bill and the tests that she needs.

Xaba is the main member of the medical scheme that has to pay for Zahara’s treatment, which has cost hundreds of thousands since she was admitted. “Mpho is stressed but I respect Mpho for not complaining about the hospital bill increasing,” the source said.

On Friday, 36 year-old Zahara slipped into a coma. Prior to this, she had been taken into the ICU ward two weeks earlier after medical tests revealed she had liver issues.

Prayers for her recovery have been ongoing throughout her family and close friends. Yesterday, Afro-pop artist Vusi Nova, who collaborated with Zahara on the 2018 song Usezondibona, visited her in hospital.

Consequently, Zahara remains in the ICU ward, with her prognosis uncertain. The support she has received from her family, close friends, and even a celebrity like Vusi Nova has been a comfort to her, providing a light in this difficult time. We can only pray that she recovers and continues to share her talent with the world.

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